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eIDAS regulation for lawyers

eIDAS regulation for lawyers

Price: € 150.00
Event Type: Training Program
Date: 21 Oct 2022 – 28 Oct 22 09:00 – 12:45
District: Limassol
Address: Online (TEAMS)
Total Number Of Seats: 300
CPD: Not Verified (Μη πιστοποιημένο)
CPD Points: 7.00

eIDAS regulation constitutes a strong step towards Digital Single Market. It is transformative for the framework it implements but also for the doors it manages to open. eIDAS introduces a new, EU-wide legal framework for electronic identification (eID) and trust services, while it offers a high degree of certainty, consistency, and predictability.

This introductory course invites legal professionals to familiarise themselves with the landscape of electronic identification and trust services. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the eIDAS regulation as a unified legal framework, throughout the EU and appreciate the importance and ambition of this regulation.

At the same time, the course discusses how lawyers can reposition themselves as professionals equipped with the knowledge required to provide legal-advisory services to their clients. Among other, legal professionals will recognize how the implementation of eIDAS regulation can benefit their law firms.

Seminar structure:

The eIDAS regulation:

  • Development of eIDAS and the changes that it brings
  • Timeline
  • Scope and objectives
  • eIDAS in Cyprus

Navigating the regulation:

  • eIDAS architecture
  • Chapter II: Electronic identification
  • Chapter III: Trust services
  • Briefly explaining: Electronic signatures, Electronic Seals, Time stamping, Electronic registered delivery services, website authentication, electronic documents

Overview of the evolution of signatures:

  • Traditional, Electronic & Digitized signatures
  • Electronic vs Digital signatures
  • Are electronic signatures legally enforceable?

Electronic signatures:

  • Types of Electronic Signatures under the eIDAS regulation and the key differences (Simple, Advanced, Qualified)
  • How to choose the right type of electronic signature

Electronic signatures: Discussing legal effect, evidentiary value and liabilities

  • Definition and application
  • Legal effect
  • Scope
  • The questions that the court is trying to ascertain for a signed document


  • Briefly explaining how eIDAS can benefit a law firm
  • Discussing frequently asked questions
  • Discussing legal opinions

Closing remarks

  • News and Recent Developments
  • Q&A


This course is suitable for professionals in the legal industry, who wish to learn about the eIDAS regulation. In particular, the course is ideal for:

  • EU Lawyers
  • Legal Professionals and Legal Advisors
  • Attorneys of the Republic
  • Internal Lawyers (working in any legal department of an organization or government)
  • Graduate Lawyers, Junior Lawyers, Law Researchers

By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the EU Legal Framework for electronic signatures
  • Explore the eIDAS regulation, its background, and the changes that it brings
  • Discuss the evolution of signatures (From traditional to electronic and digital signatures)
  • Familiarise themselves with the types of electronic signatures and their main differences
  • Describe the difference between Simple, Advanced, and Qualified Trust Services
  • Discuss the definition and application, legal effect, and scope of electronic signatures
  • Justify how eIDAS can benefit law firms
  • Discuss legal opinions