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Meet our team

Paschalis Ioannidis

(+357) 25 262699

Paschalis is a fourth-year undergraduate law student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His legal interests range from Public and Private International Law to Fintech and Technology, but also Commercial Law.

While studying, Paschalis puts great effort into upgrading his digital and technical skills as much as possible, as he considers the use of technology as one of the key capabilities that a future lawyer should have. He has a growing interest in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and firmly believes that adaptation to the new needs of the market via the incorporation of new technological methods is absolutely essential for a business to thrive.

Paschalis is a team worker. Since he was a teenager, he realized that leading groups and managing human resources would be one of his sharper skills. He can also be described as a communicative person, who uses his social skills to succeed in his tasks. Thus, during his studies he has already participated in multiple Student Societies, Voluntary Teams, and various Working Groups, in which he has taken a leading role.