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Meet our team

Periktioni Tsiorva

Trainee Lawyer
(+357) 25 262699

Periktioni (Perry) is currently a trainee lawyer in our lawtech firm. She is a highly motivated woman belonging to Gen Z, the generation that lives online, trusts the internet more, demands from brands to authentically care.

She is mainly focused on researching subjects and lawtech issues falling in the fields of ICT and emerging technologies, Interent Law, Intellectual Property Law, Medical Law, Healthtech, Medtech, Pharmaceutical & MedTech Branding, and she is highly interested in the Development and Innovation of the Health care Industry. Perry is currently actively involved in projects dealing with Biotechnology development, supporting innovative medical devices, as well as creating health data management systems.

Her academic background and strong personality enabled Perry to immediately participate in significant, ongoing projects, and quickly adjust to, and seamlessly work with the rest of the team. Perry holds an LLB from the University of East Anglia and an LLM in Medical Law and Ethics from the University of Law, with Distinction.