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Compliance and Regulatory

Consumer Protection

Consumer expectations are at an all-time high, determining the trends in the market, business conduct, and regulation. In line with the rise of consumer expectations, the regulatory framework has developed significantly, providing consumers with rights on the products or services they receive and obliging businesses to comply, respect, and enable such rights. The EU is particularly mindful and sensitive of consumer protection hosting a generous-for-the-consumer regulatory framework, which in turn requires caution and compliance from the businesses.

Consumer regulation is broad and crosses all industries and areas. As such, it affects businesses deploying various models and offering different goods, products, and services. In this context, our team has the knowledge and commercially focused experience to assess our clients’ business models, identify and analyze all potential relationships involved, and anticipate all regulatory needs emerging thereof. Doing so enables us to effectively consult on proper and compliant business structures, policies, and strategies, and draft, prepare and review relevant legal and other documentation that ensure compliance with applicable consumer laws, rules, and regulations.

Consumer compliance means that all commercial and transactional documents, contracts, terms, and conditions, dealing with different commercial subject matters, are drafted and prepared in line with potentially applicable consumer laws. In other words, consumer laws might apply in many commercial settings and documents, something that renders the need for consumer compliance a significant and recurring legal consideration. Our expert lawyers handle and offer legal services to serve the need for such compliance. Websites, e-shops, and online marketplaces, banking contracts (loans, mortgages), sales and offerings of goods/products, provision of services, as well as technological products, such as the issue and release of tokens are only some areas, which require careful legal review and drafting towards consumer compliance.

We believe that acting proactively is key to business growth. For this reason, we offer comprehensive services to make your business and the offering of any goods or services or content from your part consumer-compliant from the start.