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Compliance and Regulatory

Cyber – Data, and Privacy

The importance of data in our technology-driven era cannot be overstated. Data constitute a significant asset for companies, with large volumes of data circulating cyberspace every passing minute. Data are extremely valuable. In turn, their protection is essential. The complexity of data protection regimes, the increasingly demanding obligations imposed, and the significant repercussions caused to non-compliant entities render specialized legal support necessary. Cybersecurity attacks are quite common occurrences, which again begs legal advice and support to manage, respond to, and prevent.

The regulatory burden in the areas of cyber and privacy law is significant, due to the complex framework and the involvement and application of international regulations and rules. Our team helps our clients alleviate this burden and navigate the complex cyber and data frameworks with efficiency. Our compliance and cybersecurity services are holistic, and seek to build, protect, and preserve our clients’ business value, reputation, and operations. Our team possesses the knowledge and experience to implement the necessary actions, processes, and policies in line with data protection regimes (notably, the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR), cybersecurity regimes, and enable our clients to navigate cyberspace confidently in a compliant manner.

Our practice and consultation are directed towards a wide range of businesses, in various sectors and industries. The development of new technology business models, products, and methodologies bring about changed information, data, and cyberspace facing significant challenges. We have the experience and expertise to deal with these challenges and prepare robust and effective plans and policies that ensure compliance and grant significant value to our clients.

Collecting, processing, using, retrieving, saving, retaining, destructing and transferring data, especially outside the EU/EEA, or processing sensitive data, begs regulatory caution; we assist clients to undertake these actions and implement business plans and policies that abide by all regulatory requirements and reflect best industry standards. Our consultation focuses on achieving compliance through effective and practical solutions.

Cybersecurity raises both regulatory and sector-specific issues, on which we consult. Certain sectors, such as telecommunications, financial services, national security, involve even more serious and pressing instances of security concerns. Our team assists and guides clients towards implementing and undertaking actions that protect against the scope for security incidents. Security incidents and privacy breaches expose to serious harm and risks. We ensure the handling and reporting of these incidents, coordinating with the competent authorities, and offering crucial regulatory insight to the investigation procedure, to obtain immediate and effective protection for our clients. Our response, informed by our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework, protects our clients and minimizes their risks and possible harm.

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