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Compliance and Regulatory

CySec, Licensing, and Regulatory

Licensing and regulatory needs are wide-ranging and demanding in financial services. Domestic companies operating as investment firms, brokers, alternative investment funds and fund managers, UCITS and management companies, public and listed companies, security issuers require licensing and regulatory approval. Obtaining such a license means complying with a list of stringent requirements and successfully following through lengthy and demanding processes.

Our team has the required expert knowledge to guide clients through these demanding processes, alleviating the heavy burden of compliance with all regulatory approval and licensing requirements. Our consultation and solutions are comprehensive accounting for our clients’ business needs and circumstances. Within this context, we consult on the need to obtain a license, the nature and kind of license required, and the optimal way to conduct business given the existing regulatory restrictions. As business-savvy professionals, we assess all legal and regulatory risks and offer turnkey solutions, which are sensible and conducive to our clients’ business and intricate business needs.

We have extensive experience in managing the licensing process with competent authorities. Our CySEC experience reinforces our position as leading legal counsel for securing regulatory approval and licensing. Our approach in leading these regulatory processes is by engaging our clients only to the extent necessary, thus not overbearing them with all involved complexities, while keeping them informed at all stages. We simplify and break down our clients’ obligations and ensure the effective consolidation of all information and preparation of all documentation needed to secure licensing.

Our services are prompt and efficient, recognizing the time-critical nature of obtaining licensing and starting operations in compliance with relevant regulatory regimes. Our experience and close interaction with CySEC ensure that our consultation is well-informed by the latest approach and response of regulators in the area. We have gained valuable insight and understanding of CySEC’s regulatory outlook. We make sure to apply such insight and understanding to our clients’ benefit, granting them a significant advantage over other providers. We manage, coordinate, and represent our clients before CySEC, expediating, and ensuring smooth and seamless, regulatory processes.

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