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Compliance and Regulatory

Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

Export control and economic sanctions regimes are complex, involving legal and regulatory requirements as well as delicate political considerations. Movement of goods may be prohibited, restricted, or allowed on an approval basis for national security, foreign policy, crime control, anti-terrorism, and non-proliferation reasons. The regulatory landscape is dynamic and ever-changing reflecting the said political considerations, unique sector-specific policy and economic conditions, and the security concerns related to these regimes.

Our team, with a deep understanding of the intricacies of the sector, varied experience with cross-border movement of goods, including dual-use goods, services, and technology of different kinds with different regulatory demands, is well-versed to assist clients to comply with export control and sanctions regulations. We assess the export and import restrictions focusing

Mindful of the potentially grave consequences of non-compliance, in the form of fines or even imprisonment, we ensure that all measures are taken towards a compliant cross-border movement of goods and services. Our practice covers the varied framework of export and import controls and goods or services sanctions, including trade controls and sanctions, embargoes, anti-boycott regulations, counter-measures, anti-terrorism, and anti-money laundering regimes, export and import and customs controls, foreign investment.

Our team carries out due diligence for any cross-border movement of goods and services, drawing on our multi-jurisdictional expertise in the area. We design, plan, and implement compliance policies and procedures involving export and import, obtain licenses, and permits for a wide range of goods and services, including dual-use goods, software and technology, military defense services, and technical data. To that end, we coordinate and communicate with regulators and authorities; our past practice has given us a clear grasp of their approach and implementation of relevant regulations and national policies.

Our regulatory approach in the export and import and sanctions regime guarantees compliance and observance in one of the most complex, unique, and intricate frameworks. We are well-positioned to understand and work through the multi-faceted considerations and factors underpinning the area, including economic, political, policy, national security concerns, to the interest of our clients.

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