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Compliance and Regulatory

Government Agreements

Government agreements are subject to a specific set of rules, which is complex and specialized. Cyprus government and other public or local authorities’ agreements with third-party contractors are regulated by domestic legislation which implements the corresponding EU framework. Public procurement and other laws regulating the conclusion of government agreements must be observed with caution and attention to all regulatory demands involved.

Consistent with the public nature of these agreements and the high degree of governmental scrutiny and supervision on the allocation of services to private contractors, the relevant framework imposes specific and stringent requirements, which often extend beyond the typical commercial requirements and considerations. Observing these requirements presupposes deep legal knowledge of the domestic and EU laws and regulations, and extensive experience with the specific processes and procedures underpinning the procurement, tender stage/competition with other applicants, and the conclusion of said government agreements.

Thanks to our unmatched experience in the field, we can identify, assess, and understand the intricacies of the regulatory requirements for each government agreement. Our past practice has resulted in our close and regular interaction with regulatory authorities in a way that allows us to appreciate and understand their perspective on, application and implementation of, relevant rules and regulations. This grants our clients a competitive advantage over other contractors. We help our clients navigate the complex and intense governmental processes, ensuring compliance for every stage. We also consult, assess, and conduct a risk assessment on the content of government agreements. Our legal support remains constant and continuous throughout the agreement duration, helping our clients comply with their agreement obligations and consulting on effective supervision methods. Our advice is above all strategic and tailored to the specific demands of this sector.