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Compliance and Regulatory

Insurance and Reinsurance

Insurance is a highly regulated sector, closely supervised by regulators. The requirements, conditions, and regulatory demands affect a wide range of industry actors, including insurers and reinsurers, intermediaries, brokers, investors, lenders.

Our team offers wide regulatory services, legally supporting the whole industry spectrum. We are well-positioned to anticipate all regulatory matters, applying our in-depth knowledge, which is constantly informed by the latest developments and trends in the area. Insurance regulation is complex, and compliance is demanding. We assess the complex framework with efficiency, providing regulatory and compliance services, which are tailored and specific to the business demands of our clients. In line with our approach to regulatory matters, our consultation takes account of the business setting of the insurance industry, which makes our services business-sensible, pragmatic, and practical. We offer solutions for insurance compliance that may accommodate, facilitate, and fit in, our clients’ business.

As a result of our lawtech expertise, we focus on the area of insurtech, which is expected to significantly grow in Cyprus, and internationally. Whether collaborations between incumbents and smaller companies, or the rise of a startup, we handle all regulatory matters that concern insurtech, keeping up with all market and regulation developments.

We secure regulatory approvals, authorizations, and assist in reporting and disclosure obligations. We consult on regulatory capital and solvency requirements and corporate governance for insurance companies. Mergers and acquisitions, financing, restructuring, reinsurance, holding companies are rule-based insurance-related transactions on which we also consult. Our multi-disciplinary practice means that we advise on other regimes with potential application to insurance transactions.

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