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Compliance and Regulatory

Product Compliance and Liability

Supplying a product to the market from its manufacture to its marketing and sale is complex. Regulatory issues arise in every step of the supply chain, across jurisdictions and markets, with the imposition of standards, safety conditions, and environmental obligations. These regulatory obligations are stringent, and their non-observance exposes manufacturers, distributors, promoters, and retailers to the risk of significant liability. Dealing with product regulations in an effective and timely manner is key to managing and avoiding risks that can cause serious reputational and business harm and result in additional costs and expenses.

Our team, with its expertise and knowledge in the dynamic area of product compliance, is the ideal counsel to help clients handle their regulatory obligations efficiently, from the start, whether these are manufacturers, importers, distributors, promoters. Our experience means that we anticipate and can early identify regulatory issues and hurdles that might impact the supply chain; this allows us to act early and handle these issues, granting significant effective management opportunities and competitive advantages to our clients. Our approach is to respond to regulatory demands at an early stage, in a comprehensive manner, reducing unnecessary compliance and liability costs at later stages to the interest of our clients and their business.

We offer services to a wide range of sectors, including electronics and IT, telecommunications, luxury goods, with specialized knowledge in highly regulated and particularly complex sectors, such as consumer products, chemicals, cosmetics, etc. Our consultation is based on our industry-specific knowledge and commercial expertise. We offer practical, sensible solutions to our clients, which ensures regulatory compliance and allows them to protect and forward their business interests in the market. Comprehensive management of, and prompt compliance with, regulatory demands, as well as an early and effective response to unforeseen compliance issues set apart successful businesses, considering the competitive advantages obtained by reducing the scope for product liability and risks.

Our regulatory consultation in the area relates to safety and standard laws at the design, manufacture, testing, and labeling stage, environmental laws regarding the disposal of products, and laws dealing with chemicals and hazardous substances. We consult on the market launch of products, ensuring the compliance of such launch in all respects. Our advice is tailored and attentive to the demands of our clients and their position in the supply chain.

We assist our clients in effectively manage all regulatory risks and implement practical solutions against potential liability. Our assistance remains continuous since our product liability consultation is equally significant to the protection of our clients’ interests. We offer solutions for effective product liability management, advise on market and product surveillance, manage product investigation procedures, and handle product recalls taking fast steps towards minimizing risks. For any liability issues, we bring or defend product liability claims, whether these emerge with consumers/clients, or with other supply partners. Where claims or disputes arise in other jurisdictions, we coordinate with our local partners to offer fast and effective resolutions. We also consult on issues relating to product liability insurance, defending, or making claims, where needed. Our product liability practice focuses on acting fast and efficiently to protect and defend product lines and significant business interests.

Our product compliance and liability practice has an international component, reflecting the international scope of the supply chain. We tap into our international network to coordinate and offer collaborative responses to product compliance and liability needs. We cooperate with local counsel and communicate with foreign regulators to offer effective and practical legal solutions to our clients.