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Construction has played a central role on how we live our lives for centuries, considering that you are reading this in an infrastructure that someone has constructed. However, traditional construction is set to be revolutionised by new technological innovations that will transform the industry we are accustomed to. Accordingly, autonomous machines will probably replace human workers in construction sites, since construction companies are looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce operational costs associated with their business.

For instance, “Big players like Caterpillar and Komatsu, and start-ups like SafeAI and Built Robotics, see value in using autonomous machines to accelerate construction projects.” What is even more mesmerising, according to McKinsey & Co., the world’s GDP can benefit, as “$1.6 trillion of additional value could be created through higher productivity, and autonomy would help the industry achieve that.”

Furthermore, the increased awareness in climate change has provided an increased interest in society to construct more efficient and sustainable buildings. In fact, certain projects have started using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), which is a sort of wood that is not susceptible to fire and is only taken from sustainable forests. Therefore, the projects are not constructed using steel and cement, which emit CO2 into the atmosphere and hence, helps our society become greener.

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