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Banking and Finance

Securing finance is essential for both smaller companies and larger and more established companies. In all cases, the complexity of the underpinning regulatory frameworks and the need to obtain beneficial financing terms, while ensuring the participating company’s legal protection, require the specialized support of experienced legal advisors.

Our team possesses the expertise and experience to serve the needs of complicated financial transactions, acting for the interests of either the borrower or the lender, or representing security providers. Our past practice allows us to effectively manage all types and sizes of transactions, ranging from funding startup projects and smaller companies to cross-border, large-scale, and high-value arrangements. At the same time, consistent with our technology-driven practice and forward mode of thinking, we are suggesting and implementing novel and alternative finance solutions, fintech, regtech, and paytech.

In general, our team helps clients navigate through complex and technical financial regulatory frameworks, advising on multi-jurisdictional regulatory matters. We assist local and international companies in their financing or refinancing needs, advising on various types of finance (project, acquisition, asset), and corporate lending, including all bilateral and syndicated, and secured or unsecured lending

Further to the above, we offer the following services:

  • Advising and Negotiating Banking and Finance Transactions and terms
  • Preparation and review of finance and security documentation
  • Advice on the type, priority, and effect of various types of security (mortgages, pledges, collaterals)
  • Advice on connected matters in finance arrangements, such as corporate, corporate governance, corporate authority and tax legal considerations, validity and enforceability of the relevant documentation

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