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Comparative Law

Corporate and commercial transactions are today, cross-jurisdictional and international in scope. Commercial arrangements are often between companies, which are based in different jurisdictions, with potentially distinct structures, form, and type, and thereby involve various legal and regulatory frameworks and jurisdictions. Legal guidance on dealing with multi- and cross-jurisdictional matters by exercising comparative legal analysis is of the utmost importance, in these circumstances.

Our team is well-equipped to analyze the comparative legal elements that emerge in today’s corporate and commercial arrangements. Our experience and involvement with multi-jurisdictional projects and arrangements manifest in our successful comparative practice.

Within this context, we offer the following comparative law-related services:

  • Advice on corporate structures, and types and forms of companies based in various jurisdictions,
  • Advice on agreements involving different jurisdictions,
  • Advice on cross-jurisdictional legal matters,
  • Assessment of disparities and legal risks arising by the difference in jurisdictions involved in commercial transactions.