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Investment Agreements

Making or accepting an investment involves the delicate consideration and balancing of various factors. Whether larger or smaller investments or investments made to high-profile businesses or startups and SMEs, our team ensures that the legal aspect of an investment is handled professionally and efficiently to the interest of our clients. Our business-driven outlook means that we negotiate all legal terms in a spherical way, considering the commercial implications involved. We have successfully represented the side of both the investors and of the businesses receiving the investment, striking ideal arrangements for our clients. Our expertise and practice are cross-jurisdictional, having led and assisted international investment arrangements.

The Cyprus Investment Scheme has caused a rise in investments in Cyprus, which is, in any way, an investment-appealing jurisdiction, especially as such investments pertain to innovative projects. In this context, our team has developed specific expertise, drawing on our general experience in investment arrangements, attracting interested investors and projects. Our great familiarity with the scheme enables us to navigate all relevant conditions and prepare investment agreements, timely and effectively, preventing any unnecessary hurdles with the competent authorities.

Our services in this area include:

  • Negotiation, preparation, and review of investment agreements, (domestic or international, representing investor or business seeking investment)
  • Shareholder agreement review, update, or amendment
  • Consultation on various investment schemes and rewards in investment agreements (e.g. investment tranches)
  • Consultation on employee schemes/pools
  • Assessment of potential risks posed by certain investments
  • Specialized guidance on Cyprus Investment Scheme

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