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Mergers and Acquisitions

Companies in response to the increasing competition and the rise of emerging and novel companies and markets and in line with their need to maintain or expand their business position often make strategic mergers and acquisitions, divisions, disposals, spin-offs, management buy-outs, and other schemes of arrangements. Significant tax and efficiency gains render such arrangements necessary in certain circumstances. Yet, navigating through these arrangements is complex and necessitates well-informed legal support.

Whether global or domestic, small, medium, or large and regardless of type, schemes of arrangement trigger the application of various often-changing regimes and require the consideration of complex factors. Our team offers comprehensive support to such arrangements, ensuring the proper implementation and review of each step of the way, conducting proper due diligence, consulting on the optimal type and structure of the arrangement, implementing all agreements and compliance checks. Essentially, we professionally handle the transactional aspect, protecting our clients’ interests and minimizing the scope for transactional failure.

Our practice covers domestic and cross-border arrangements, of all sizes, representing either side of the arrangement. Our experience in the area means that we can assess the needs of our clients in a way that allows us to lead, negotiate and close deals that align with their business objectives in a timely and effective way.

Our team offers the following services:

  • Lead and assist with due diligence process
  • Consultation on legal and structure
  • Assistance with identification and assessment of company/business targets
  • Compliance with regulatory demands
  • Negotiation with either side of acquisition/merger and affected parties
  • Consultation on rights of affected parties, management, employees
  • Legal assessment of risks to avoid potential liability
  • Preparation, review, and negotiation of contracts, M&A documentation
  • Approval of the scheme of arrangement by the court

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