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Intellectual Property

Antitrust and Competition

Intellectual property (IP) allows consumers to make choices between competing entrepreneurs, and the goods and services they sell. Therefore, IP is inherently pro-competitive as it ensures the protection of differentiated, intangible business assets, and brands. Without IP, less efficient manufacturers and service providers would try to lure clients by copying the goods and services of more efficient competitors. The latter would lose any incentive to improve or to offer new products and services. Society as a whole would lose. But IP only performs that crucial role of ensuring competition when it protects genuine differences.

We can offer the following services: 

  • Drafting and advising on licensing arrangements to avoid antitrust issues in strategic planning
  • Legal advising and consulting about strategic IP asset management, including assessing methods to exploit intellectual property rights and products within the confines of antitrust law
  • Legal advising on standard-setting about joint negotiation of licensing terms on IP exploitation agreements

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