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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property and Software

Our team has the expertise to assist its clients in securing and protecting their IPRs in software, such as copyrights and trade secrets. We shall undertake that the Software documentation manuals are copyrighted, by assisting our Clients in executing special procedures to secure the protection of copyright, or trade secret, as the case may be.

Our lawyers may assist you indicatively in the preparation and drafting, reviewing, and negotiating of the following agreements:

  • Software as a Services (SaaS) Agreements
  • Licensing Agreements of Software
  • Assignment Agreements of IPRss
  • Any other commercial agreement for the commercialization and exploitation of software
  • Copyright registration by using a blockchain-based solution to achieve effective, tamper-proof, and time-stamped recording of data evidencing the existence of copyright.
  • Copyright registration by undertaking the preparation and drafting of an affidavit on behalf of the owner and lawyer’s declaration, which shall certify that the lawyer keeps safe the owners’ idea in a sealed envelope for future use.