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Intellectual Property

Life Sciences Corporate Partnering and Licensing

During this technology evolution, emerging-growth biotech and specialty pharmaceutical companies rely on their Intellectual Property Lawyers for their success, to strategically develop, exploit, and commercialize their Intellectual Property product and services portfolios. We can provide our legal assistance and counseling in the fields of biotechnology, medical, and scientific innovation products and services worldwide. We are experts in the life sciences field.  Our team advises company clients from their initial stage up to their development as mature ventures and focuses on offering their services while emphasizing new trends and commercial terms. We are familiar with dealing with a great variety of transactions, jurisdictions, product and services developments, and different technologies.

We offer legal advising to our clients on a variety of complicated and novel transactions, including the drafting, preparing, reviewing, negotiating, amending, and consulting on:

  • Joint ventures and collaboration/cooperation agreements
  • Product acquisitions, structured acquisitions, splits, and divestments
  • Intellectual property licensing and Special advice on royalties depending on our clients’ business model
  • Co-development, co-commercialization, co-promotion, and different commercial agreements, such as supply and distribution services agreements
  • Licensing and other commercialization agreements for branded and generic pharmaceutical companies

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