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Intellectual Property

Patent Counselling and Registration

A patent is a legal right giving to its holder (patentee) the power to prevent other persons from exploiting an invention without the patentee’s authorization. A patent protects new inventions and essentially comprises the product and the process. The invention must be new and industrially applicable (be capable of being made in some kind of industry).

A patent is protected in Cyprus only via an application for registration with the Official Cyprus Authorities. Patents granted by the European Patent Organisation (EPO) and the International application (PCT) are protected in Cyprus provided it is designated as a country in the initial application and thereafter duly validated in Cyprus by filing with the Cyprus office a translation of the patent specifications.

We can offer the following services:  

  • Novelty search for the patent to be protected for the countries that clients seek protection,
  • Representation of the client for the protection and registration procedure, as well as to the renewal of the protection procedure, nationally, within Europe, and internationally.