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Internet and Social Media Litigation

The widespread use of the internet and social media affords unprecedented freedom, creative space, seamless communication, and data exchange among businesses and users. At the same time, such use gives rise to issues and concerns requiring legal support.

Offending, defamatory, and damaging content shared online, or otherwise and posted on social media, personal data, and information leaked or published online without consent, seriously and extensively harm people and businesses, not least due to the ease and speed of online content circulation. Our team is expert in dealing with social media/online defamation (libel), harassment, and cyber-bullying, with privacy infringement and invasion, misuse, leaking, unauthorized publication of personal and confidential information, breach of copyright and other intellectual property rights found online, online hacking and creation of fake accounts, unlawful use of personal data.

Our team responds to these highly damaging online actions drawing on our expert legal knowledge and employing a fast and pragmatic approach. Our extensive network of technology experts grants our team immediate access to practical and technical solutions for our clients. If a dispute cannot be settled out of court, we have the knowledge and experience to constructively defend our Clients’ rights and best interests before the court. We have wide-ranging and extensive practice in initiating or defending our Clients before the district courts of the Republic of Cyprus. We can either work to file and litigate for our clients’ legal claims or defend them in case any action is brought against them.  We may also represent our Clients before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus, as the case may so require.  We take all necessary legal actions to immediately remove the offending content, obtain injunctive relief, and apologetic response/correction while seeking compensation/damages.

Our services in the area are comprehensive:

  • Removal of offending, illegal, unlawful, and defamatory content against an offender
  • Removal or blocking of the offending content, comment, post by communicating, and requiring so from the site/blog host, platform, or operator.
  • Undertake all actions and communications to immediately stop unlawful conduct, without or before resorting to court.
  • Action to obtain interim or final injunction to prevent unauthorized, unlawful, defamatory, conduct, or actions.
  • Defamation, harassment, breach of data protection, misuse of private or confidential information, infringement of copyright or intellectual property claims.

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