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Technology Litigation

The number of technology transactions increases exponentially. Businesses use cloud-based and as-a-service arrangements on a global scale. These technology transactions become more complicated, complex, especially since they often pertain to novel and emerging technologies and cutting-edge industries. Accommodating technology-driven arrangements while ensuring proper business and legal terms is significant and relies on specialized legal, business, and technology knowledge. Also, intellectual property expertise is essential considering that technology transactions are often interlinked with the emergence of intellectual property.

Our unique hybrid LawTech model means that our legal advice and support are highly and up-to-date informed by the latest trends in technology, including emerging and innovative technologies. In this way, we can advise on the most complex, technology-driven commercial arrangements. As a cross-sectional tool, technology impacts, virtually, all business areas. Our commercial expertise and our in-depth knowledge of intellectual property protection, in this sense, are crucial. Our transactional experience ensures that our client’s technology dealings are carried out smoothly, on sound legal and commercial bases. Our clients of all commercial backgrounds, business lines, and expertise wish to deliver their goods or services, using innovative solutions and technology; our job is to ensure that our clients solely focus on improving their products and services using technology, without having to worry about the intricate legal-technology issues involved.

Our extensive network of technology experts grants our team immediate access to practical and technical solutions for our clients. If a dispute cannot be settled out of court, we have the knowledge and experience to constructively defend our Clients’ rights and best interests before the court. We know to initiate or defend our Clients before the district courts of the Republic of Cyprus. We can either work to file and litigate for our clients’ legal claims or defend them in case any action is brought against them.  We may also represent our Clients before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Cyprus, as the case may so require.  We undertake the required legal actions to immediately assist our Clients to stop suffering loss, or whatsoever. We can also claim for the loss our Client suffers and built the relevant arguments so that they will be compensated as required, or in the case of defense, we will try to mitigate the loss for our clients’ benefit.

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