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Authorizations, Power of attorney, proxy services

Natural or legal persons (mainly, companies) must carry out various actions and processes during their business operations. Some of these actions and processes are time-consuming, difficult because of geographical restrictions, and cause unnecessary inconvenience to our clients. To expedite processes and ensure the proper carrying out of mainly procedural matters, especially before governmental and other competent authorities, we prepare and act upon Powers of Attorney to represent and act on behalf of our clients. We may also prepare relevant authorisations and/or Powers of Attorney that our clients may provide to third parties, who will act on their behalf. In each case, we draft and provide our clients with an Authorization and/or a Power of Attorney, based on the circumstances of the action that needs to be taken, and following the practice of each authority, drawing on our extensive experience with such authorities.

In case our clients are shareholders who cannot participate and vote in any corporate general meeting, we prepare proxy documents under which authorised proxies represent our clients as shareholders and act and vote per their instructions. We make sure to prepare relevant proxy documents that contain detailed and proper representation and voting instructions based on our client’s directions and wishes.