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Legal Letter Reviewing & Drafting

In case any disputes, arguments, or legal issues arise between our clients and any third parties, we represent our clients intending to protect and assert their rights. We either review or draft and send legal letters to the opposite party or respond to any claims brought forward by any such opposite party. Our legal letters reflect and account for the facts of each case, and aim to resolve matters in an effective and fast way while protecting our clients’ rights and interests and without hindering the prospect for the assertion of our clients’ case before courts or other competent authorities. In all cases, we ensure that our clients take all steps with caution, without undermining their rights in any way.

Our legal letter review and drafting services extend to letters and notices sent to competent governmental or administrative authorities. For the preparation of these letters, we use specific wording and lines of argumentation, in line with the relevant authorities’ requirements, practice, and demands. Our legal letters and notices to these authorities discharge our clients’ reporting, disclosure, or notice obligations, and establish the basis for our clients’ operations.