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We are a client-centric firm intentionally structured to disrupt the traditional conduct of lawyering, the access, delivery, and consumption of legal services, by offering value to clients and easier access to justice.

The firm reduces overheads to the maximum, introduces lean management principles, agile methodologies and approaches, leverages technology and data, implements automated processes, methods and systems and uses professional project management techniques in a legal context to help fulfill management, security and operational needs, enhance effective and fast decision-making, adding value to clients, like never before.

Our fees are extremely competitive and transparent. We have abandoned the “billing per hour” model, adopting it only when you want it.

We offer alternative fee arrangement schemes and aim to reduce any friction in the process by which you pay us by leveraging payment technology and different payment processing solutions.

Our firm’s Client Portal solution will be ready soon. Through our portal, we will offer our clients the opportunity to securely process their payments to us.

We offer the following alternative fee arrangement schemes and use different templates or agreements, e.g., Letter of Engagement (LoE), to contract with you in each case, and we are ready to discuss the payment model, method and processing solution:

  • Per certain task
  • Per time-period (hour/s, day/s, week/s, month/s)
  • Per project (defining project scope and milestones)
  • Startup alternative fee arrangement schemes
  • Entrepreneur alternative fee arrangement schemes
  • New business fee arrangement schemes
  • Young people fee arrangement schemes
  • Installment arrangement schemes
  • Advisor Agreement
  • Return in equity fee arrangement agreement
  • Option to purchase shares in the company that will receive the services
  • Digital assets fee arrangement scheme (e.g platform’s cryptocurrency/token)
  • Combined fee arrangement scheme (a combination of the above can be agreed)