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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) as well as other types of automation are increasingly adopted by organizations and firms.  The adoption of these emerging technologies leads to a disruption of existing markets and business models or even to their displacement resulting in the creation of new products and services and innovative infrastructures and new market values.

Emerging technologies hold enormous power, driving profound changes, reinventing industries and business models and improving firm organization, efficiency, accuracy, transparency, consistency, growth, productivity and even profitability.

AI unlocks value creation opportunities to transform and revitalize every industry, while AI tools enable them to improve, transform and achieve their laborious tasks in a faster and more accurate way.

We encourage people/our clients to think about/adopt AI applications and embrace this technology, since we truly believe that AI will be the most disruptive force in technology.

Our team possesses deep knowledge and skills as well as the necessary experience with clients to address the legal matters that should be considered during the provision of AI legal services.  We provide a complete range of legal services related to the AI ecosystem.

This includes IP strategies for AI and AI-device systems, data management and security; privacy law; software as a medical device; digital health; digital transformation strategies and related technology services like blockchain; machine learning and robotics; smart contracts; big data analytics; liability and risk assessment in AI-related contracts and torts; and the Internet of Things (IoT).