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Blockchain Technology

Since Blockchain’s inception, the world of business is constantly changing and the way people are conducting business is revolutionizing, inspiring the entrepreneurs all over the world to build start-ups, creating thus new jobs.

Even though Blockchain is still in its infancy, its applications could potentially be endless for every industry, and whoever can foresee its disruptive potential, will of course possess an important first mover advantage.  Undoubtedly, blockchain-based projects will be part of the most popular jobs and industries.

The way blockchain and other forms of distributed ledger technologies work provides the ground for foundationally novel business models to emerge. While blockchain was initially associated with bitcoin, and, mostly, financial services, the potential of blockchain cannot be so narrowly confined.

Indeed, blockchain’s, reliable and trustworthy recording and verifying mode, and other DLT for that matter, attracts virtually all industries and sectors, supporting wide-ranging transactions. Due to significant efficiency gains, blockchain and other DLT models manage to disrupt and accelerate development in the market.

Navigating the legal issues surrounding Blockchain Technology requires highly specialized knowledge in various legal areas.  With deep knowledge and extensive experience on Blockchain Technology, our team is able to provide a complete range of legal services.  We are able to advise, assist and find solutions for our clients in every aspect of this complex and ever-changing regulatory framework.

Our team has been a frontrunner in blockchain development and continues leading through its fast-paced and continuing evolution and use. As such, we are well-positioned to appreciate, and assess the blockchain development, and offer critical advice to our clients.

We offer our services in a wide range of blockchain applications, industries, and sectors, focusing on financial services and fintech, including the use of blockchain for token offerings (STOs and ICOs) as well as decentralized finance, on blockchain tokenization, on blockchain platforms and projects.

We monitor the developments in blockchain regulation, especially tokens and cryptocurrency regulations, by both the domestic and EU regulators, and in international jurisdictions, and may offer our advice in an up-to-date and comprehensive way, granting significant competitive advantages to our clients.