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Sectors and Industries

CleanTech and GreenTech

The CleanTech industry includes products and services that enhance operational performance, productivity, and efficiency, while it intends to reduce costs, inputs, energy consumption, waste, and pollution.

On the other hand, GreenTech describes the use of technology and science to produce environmentally friendly products and mitigate human impact by making improvements to manufacturing techniques, to the products and to the energy efficiency of production of goods.

Both CleanTech and GreenTech industries include various technological solutions that aim to provide superior performance at reduced costs, eliminate negative ecological and environmental impact and enhance the productive and responsible use of natural resources.

Our lawyers have deep legal knowledge and experience on a variety of legal matters involving CleanTech and Greentech industries, covering energy generation, energy storage, energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, transportation, water, air and environment, materials, manufacturing, industrial, agriculture, recycling and waste.