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Sectors and Industries

eCommerce, retail technology, online stores and marketplaces

New and more successful ways to build businesses are rapidly created due to the digital revolution.  From traditional – non-platform companies, we have now turned to the platform businesses, where products, services, and marketing communications can reach vast audiences at relatively low costs.

Nowadays, advancements in ecommerce have created a great shopping experience that meets the consumers’ changing needs and enables entrepreneurs to work worldwide and sell their products and services online in ways not seen in the past.   At the same time, retailers across the world are rapidly introducing innovative technology and solutions to remain competitive.

E-commerce is a brilliant area to work and innovate since it is open to everyone; however, it faces many challenges that need to be successfully navigated and managed.

Our specialized team of lawyers can help you embrace ecommerce, deal with its challenges, ensure steady growth in your online business, and find unique and innovative solutions in order to avoid standing out among the competitors.

We can help you choose the right marketplaces for your business, by which your success is relied upon and help you set up on them.  We can provide solutions, give advice and consultation in relation to marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, eBay, Chewy, Wayfair, Costco, Target, Newegg, Jet, Alibaba, Etsy, Overstock, Rakuten and Houzz.   Further to this, we can also advise you on setting up your own marketplace.