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Sectors and Industries

Energy Tech, Energy and Infrastructure, Utilities and Natural resources

Emerging and innovative technologies disrupt the energy sector. Strategic investment in technology is what will allow you expand and stay ahead of the competition. From the innovative use of thematics in mobility tech to the integration of distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and blockchain, the road presents numerous challenges and legal issues.

You would certainly need experienced lawtech advisors with you on your journey. Advisors who are experts in the energy legal framework, which means knowing deeply the laws, regulations and standards but, who, at the same time focus on the energy sector and follow closely the energy technology evolution, the developments in the market and are able to advice on the major current trends in energy technology.

Our team of lawtech experts and industry advisors have the knowledge and experience to lead, guide and advice on the integration of technologies of any nature, such as blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, blockchain-based infrastructures and platform architecture and security, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, tokenized projects, ICOs and STOs and trading platforms, big data, digital payments, Internet of Things (IoTs), online payment solutions, digital wallets, e-commerce, artificial intelligence (AI), connected devices and solutions, robotics, smart buildings and proptech.

But regardless of what technology you use, our lawyers can advice on all aspects of energy laws and regulations, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As), commercial transactions, strategic route to market arrangements, Joint Ventures and company/group restructuring, banking, financing and innovative financing strategies and tools, GDPR and data protection, data transfer and sharing, innovative investment strategies and investor protection, information management and risk management.