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The gaming industry is considered to be one of the most exciting industries in tech and is constantly transforming and evolving.

Gaming refers to the action and practice of playing video games in various types of platforms and devices, such as gaming consoles, pc, and smartphones while it also includes the action of playing games like poker, casino games etc.

Gaming is an entertainment business, which is driven by technology and creativity as well. For this reason, companies in the gaming industry are using the latest technologies to build bigger and better games, and to bring their games to the screens of billions of people all over the world.

Gaming law is a complex of tools that are applied to gaming. Gaming law is not a traditional law branch, but includes several branches of law, such as contract law, company law etc. Gambling in Cyprus is regulated by a national betting authority that was established in 2012 under the betting law that regulates online and offline betting and online casinos. In 2015 Cyprus gaming commission was established under the Cyprus casino operations and control law and is the casino gambling regulator. The Cyprus casino operations and control law sets out a framework for fore legislation of one land based integrated casino and for satellite casinos in different districts.

As a law-tech firm, we can offer to gaming companies a comprehensive set of services.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to assist you with anything that it is required to launch and maintain a gaming business. Drawing on a variety of talents, our gaming law practice group consist of passionate experts in a variety of practices such as corporate law, intellectual property, privacy and data, insurance and more.

We have established relationships throughout financial communities, so we are well positioned to provide introductions to investors and business leaders, that can understand your particular needs and the challenges faced by an emerging company.

We are able to provide advice to gaming developers and companies in every legal issue such as intellectual property and copyrights, privacy and data, security, licensing of your game, commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, etc. We can also provide advice for issues like tax. Due to the related legislation in Cyprus, you are not able to operate a land-based casino because according to the Cyprus casino operations and control law, the license for a land based casino is only one. But, we can advise you in licensing and operating your online casino gambling provider which will be regulated by the national betting authority.