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New and emerging technologies are constantly transforming long-established industries.  The insurance industry, that has been around for centuries, constitutes no exception, and it will continue to face significant transformations driven by technological advancements.

InsurTech consists of a wide range of technologies and innovations, that are reshaping and revolutionizing the insurance industry by making it more efficient and effective.  Today, the insurance industry is evolving slowly, even though there is significant potential for value creation.

Undoubtedly, more and more technological advancements that enhance the operations of the whole industry, are used by insurance companies.  Technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and drones help to solve many challenges, improve customer experience, reduce the costs for both the customers and the companies and create the potential for a more efficient, cheaper and faster access to the insurance industry.

Our team possesses deep knowledge and skills as well as the necessary experience with clients to address the legal, regulatory, and commercial matters that should be considered during the provision of legal services in every area affecting the InsurTech industry.  Our dedicated lawyers advise clients across the world to make their businesses grow, succeed, and deliver value to the industry, while minimizing their risks.

We also help our clients to safely launch their new product, mobile app, or service while we are providing effective, innovative, and smart solutions associated with the Insurance industry.