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Sectors and Industries

Life Sciences and Technology

The field of life sciences is enormous and the sector crosses over many law practice areas and touches an incredible number of traditional, new and advanced technologies.

Every company, entrepreneur or inventor in this sector faces a number of complex legal and regulatory challenges that need to be effectively and efficiently addressed. Not that other companies in other sectors do not face similar challenges but, the differentiating factor of the life sciences sector is that it involves considerable discovery and scientific achievement. And this makes the field even more challenging. The more challenges the more the risk. Managing the legal risk successfully leads to greater rewards.

Companies starting in this sector, established and incumbent companies wishing to stay at the forefront and remain competitive. This requires a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers to handle a complete range of legal issues, from research and development to manufacturing, to marketing and sale, from intellectual property and analyses of sector-specific IP to digital identity, data management and data protection issues.

Are you a company starting in this field? Are you an inventor and entrepreneur? Are you an early-stage biotechnology company or a pharmaceutical company? Are you an academic institution   or a research and development scientific partner? Are you a company on the cutting-edge of medicine? Are you developing therapies to address diseases? Are you a startup or a spinoff pioneering potentially life-saving technology? Are you looking to patent an invention? Are you interested in registering any company that will operate in the life sciences sector? Do you need an advisor for your internal growth or your external partnerships?  Are you considering exiting a life sciences company or lead your company to a successful IPO?

Our team of lawyers understand the drive for increasingly innovative solutions in this sector and can support you to meet your business objectives.

Our team acts for companies and their investors on a cross-border basis as well.

An indicative list of the legal services we can offer to you in the life sciences sector are:

  • R&D and consulting agreements
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Financial Transactions
  • Licensing and technology transfer
  • Commercial transactions
  • Acquisitions, Investments and Divestitures
  • Corporate partnering
  • Supply chain and distribution contracts
  • Business Development
  • General Corporate Matters
  • Corporate, commercial and financing transactions
  • Patents and IP
  • Privacy
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Product liability
  • Dispute management
  • Tax
  • sector-related M&A, buy-outs and takeovers
  • access to capital markets
  • healthcare infrastructure, construction and leasing
  • anti-trust, unfair competition, public procurement
  • regulatory approvals
  • compliance and enforcement
  • legislation and policy-making
  • parallel imports
  • private-public partnerships
  • product marketing and distribution
  • strategic licensing, collaboration and partnering agreements
  • dispute resolution