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Media & Entertainment

The Entertainment industry has been developed years ago and it is still evolving, through the new technologies that are increasingly arising nowadays. The Media and Entertainment industry consists of various segments such as movies, TV shows, radio shows, the newspaper, music, magazines, even books.

This industry has as sole purpose the entertainment of the masses, based on their current commercial needs, beliefs, and cultures. It has been also adapting to the new technologies that have emerged so far such as wireless mobiles and devices, the internet access speeds, as well as the digitisation era that marked the beginning of a new industrial market of technologies.

Consumers now demand high-quality standards in which any services provided by the media are delivered. The media industry has also contributed to bridging the language gap between international borders, and the creation of a global community whereby access to products, services and data is facilitated.

With new cultural and social standards emerging, combined with the new trends and flows of the every-day consumer, the media and entertainment industry is dealing with a fierce competition. Our passion for both creative expression and innovation will help you find and execute the most suitable solution that will provide a competitive advantage to your new career and make the difference.

We are here to provide you, through our in-depth experience on technology planning and start-ups, with any assistance on your start-up business. Our specialized lawyers are able to deliver legal advice to all the industry players, including investors, film producers, athletes, celebrity brands, and media companies and help them meet their needs.

Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of experienced lawyers in the sectors of corporate law, Intellectual property law, technology law and innovation, are here to advise you with matters related to investment and corporate issues, exploiting media rights, intellectual property and data protection, antitrust and competition law, production and rights acquisitions, as well as any dispute resolutions that may arise in this field. We also provide advice on the impact of regulation on the exploitation of new technologies, delivery solutions and digitisation of assets.