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RegTech, also known as regulatory technology, is the technology that seeks to facilitate the delivery of regulatory requirements and to create regulatory solutions within the financial industry.  While levels of regulation rise and focus on data and reporting increases, RegTech is becoming the next big thing.  At the same time, technology opens new paths and RegTech promises to disrupt the regulatory framework by offering more efficient, easy to integrate, reliable, secure, and cost-effective solutions to such demanding industries.  The main functions of RegTech include regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance.

RegTech companies use cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), blockchain, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) in order to automate risk management processes, assist regulatory reporting, prevent fraud and enable firms to stay updated of any regulatory changes.

By innovating and by improving compliance and internal control systems, RegTech unlocks new opportunities, adds value to the delivery of services and intends to create a world where financial firms comply with regulations.

Our legal and technological knowledge and experience enable us to provide new services for our clients and avoid falling behind the competitors.  The intersection of financial regulation, legal advice, and regulatory compliance with sectors of data, software, hardware, networks, telecoms, marketing, and consumer rights, create legal and regulatory challenges for all industry players.

Our team’s ability to interpret legal issues from a new digital aspect results in the delivery of more efficient legal services and are able to help you face the vast and complex regulatory and compliance matters in this expanded regulatory ecosystem.  Our team provides legal assistant to a complete range of legal services tailored to the RegTech industry, including data management solutions, Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions, tax management solutions, risk management solutions, records management solutions, trade monitoring solutions, reporting solutions, portfolio risk management solution, solutions that help firms manage specific regulations (such as GDPR) and regulatory change management solutions.