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Online marketplaces and ecommerce constitute significant sale-and-purchase business models, which determine and influence retail and wholesale, and consumer trends. As the new paradigm of sales and purchases, ecommerce, widens and grows, ecommerce businesses and entrepreneurs seek innovative solutions to enhance their offerings and match the increasing consumer demands.

Among the best ecommerce business models are:

  • Dropshipping via online store
  • Amazon FBA with branded product
  • Wholesale sourcing and selling via Amazon or eBay
  • Wholesale sourcing and selling on own website
  • Selling private label product via online store
  • Bonus: Selling products via subscription

In establishing, expanding, and improving online marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, websites, and infrastructure businesses and their consumer products face legal, regulatory, technical, and business challenges.

Successful presence in the competitive ecommerce market requires effective handling of all legal and regulatory challenges in an active, consistent, continuous, and commercially aware way. Our team’s experience and in-depth knowledge in the area guarantee the provision of effective and comprehensive services to ecommerce and online marketplaces. Our specialized knowledge in technologies, our focus on novel business models and products, our entrepreneurial culture, and our commitment to enabling technology-driven and online growth place us at the position to serve the most innovative, complex, and novel marketplaces.

Intellectual property, copyright and licensing, design protection, website building, brand placement and positioning, advertising, product placement, distribution, management and liability, consumer protection, credit, and payments, data privacy, security, and collection, use of technology and internet-related matters are only part of the issues that arise in the context of marketplaces.

Our clients benefit from our extensive knowledge and practice in helping build and expand online marketplaces, offering turnkey and effective solutions addressing all matters that emerge in this context. Our involvement with cutting-edge technologies and companies, and our staying abreast of all developments in emerging technologies mean that we can offer services that are innovative, creative, and that can accommodate developing technologies.