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Sharing Economy

The rise of peer-to-peer markets enabling access to consumer-owned products or services by a consumer-owner to another consumer has had profound impact on the economy and markets. The emergence of online, community-based peer-to-peer platforms has given birth to the sharing economy, as a radically different business-enabling economy model. The success of this kind of economy and of the business model it hosts has resulted in the rapid growth and incredible expansion of intermediary platforms accommodating these peer-to-peer arrangements. The sharing economy constitutes a rising type of economy, with dynamic startup presence as well as dominant activity by large companies.

The profound empowerment of consumers and the shift to horizontal models of economic activity indicate that the sharing economy is here to stay. As the sharing economy expands and attracts the interest of many sectors, regulators seek to provide fair and sensible frameworks for the operation of these peer-to-peer marketplaces and platforms. The developing nature of regulations in the area signifies the complicated and challenging legal and regulatory issues faced by the relevant market players. Operating as well as participating in peer-to-peer markets is associated with an increasing scope of required legal work, ranging from the establishment of the marketplace, its proper online launch, the rules governing consumer protection and liability, intellectual property management and protection, towards its growth, expansion and compliance with applicable, emerging regimes.

Our clients benefit from our experience in legally supporting online marketplaces, our expertise in offering tailored and creative solutions to innovative business models, and our in-depth knowledge in commercial matters underpinning the operation of such peer-to-peer platforms. Our consultation accommodates the needs of both larger companies and startup businesses. We may, thus, accelerate the development of new, startup projects and guide the expansion of established marketplaces.

Our commitment to driving online development, supporting, and empowering peer-to-peer transactions, and driving change towards alternative business and economic activity render us the ideal counsel to facilitate and expedite the growth of the sharing economy. Our understanding of the principles of the sharing economy guarantees that our legal advice is well-informed and conducive to the market demands.