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Social Impact

Businesses and people have never been more encouraged and driven to make an impact in society. Our times, more than ever before, demand social awareness and motivate charity work. Working on green resources, respecting the environment, forwarding, and abiding by inclusion, equality, and non-discrimination, embracing positive social change, making a real impact for the improvement of our ecosystem, influence the sustainability and viability of a business. Non-profit organisations, foundations, and charities expand the scope and volume of their work, bringing them in high need of legal support.

Our team is well-equipped to serve the legal needs of the voluntary and charity sector. Our experience, association and close legal work with various non-profit institutions, such as charities, educational institutions, clubs and associations promoting social causes like animal welfare, exercise and healthy lifestyle, art and creative work, blockchain and emerging technologies, environmental groups, trade associations, enable us to structure, guide and consult the strategic advancement of our clients’ objectives and enhance their social impact. We advise on domestic and international structures, offering specialized tax guidance and assisting our clients generate viable sources of income and securing investment to sustain long-standing operations.

Our client-centric approach and social awareness means that we are particularly mindful and attentive to the demands of each of our charity-clients and sensitive to their missions. This results in the provision of high-quality legal advice, which caters to the specific demands of each client and helps them achieve and promote their mission.

We make sure that social awareness and responsible business do not stay empty words but materialize through relevant, carefully designed actions. Our job is to cover all relevant legal work and offer holistic advice towards bringing our clients’ business up to date with the latest social necessities.