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Big data

In our connected world, a massive amount of data is created every single minute. The sheer amount of this data is so massive that it is not feasible to analyze manually. This is where big data comes into play. Big data is coming from a variety of sources such as businesses, homes, IOT devices and many more. The Big data industry is the industry that deals with the methods of analysing these data and their utilization.

Analyzing and utilizing data inevitably creates many legal issues and challenges like privacy, data protection, personal rights and more. Dealing with big data necessitates a high level of legal care and advice, and we are the solution to your problem. At our lawtech firm, we understand big data more than anyone else. Also, we can offer great legal care to all small and midsized businesses (SMBs) and we can offer strategic guidance at every step, in order to launch and maintain a successful business.

Drawing from a variety of talents, our passionate experts are always at the forefront of this fast-growing industry. Our multidisciplinary team consists of experts in a variety of branches including intellectual property law, corporate law, contract law, consumer law, investment law, cybersecurity, blockchain and digital currency technology, etc. We can help our clients build a successful startup, and we are the best choice for anyone who wants to conduct business in the big data industry or utilize big data to transform their existing business operations.

With established relationships throughout the financial communities, we are well positioned to provide introductions to investors and business leaders that can understand the particular needs of an SMB, and the challenges that are faced by an emerging company. We are counseling our clients in a wide range of commercial, corporate and business issues and sectors focusing on the specific needs arising by the use of big data, especially in the privacy and security areas and considering the increasing regulatory intervention in these areas.