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We live in a century that one technological innovation succeeds the other. One of these revolutionary technologies is biometrics technology. Biometrics are physical or behavioral human characteristics that are able to be used as a digital identification for a person, to grant access to systems, devices and data. Biometrics have a wide range of uses in our daily life from just unlocking our smartphone, to making payments and bank transactions.

Although biometrics technology is making identification faster than ever before, inevitably, some serious legal issues and challenges arise. Issues and challenges such as privacy, data protection, security, especially because of their categorization as special type of sensitive personal data as per the GDPR. Biometric systems require expert legal advice and guidance. In this regard, we are the ideal counsel to help you. Our firm works with established and emerging companies in a wide range of areas related to biometrics. We are advising clients across numerous sectors including banking and finance, unmanned vehicle systems, education, healthcare, interactive entertainment, etc.

Our firm also advises startups and government agencies in their integration and evaluation of biometrics into operational protocols and new products. Small and medium-sized enterprises have some special needs and we can assist you to solve them. Due to our established relationships throughout the technology industry and financial communities, we are able to provide introductions to investors and business leaders that can understand the particular needs of your business, and the challenges faced by an emerging company. Drawing from a variety of talents, our law practice group is made up of experts that can assist you with biometrics. Our multidisciplinary team is able to advise you in a variety of issues including privacy, data protection and GDPR compliance, and cybersecurity.

Our general commercial, business and corporate expertise means that we can also advise on copyrights, trademarks, branding, blockchain technology and digital currency, commercial contracting, technology transactions, prepare and drafting legal agreements like terms & conditions and licensing and product liability. We also offer a complete range of services related to corporate law and corporate synergies and acquisitions, like divestitures, venture capital investments, capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate governance.