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Cognitive cloud & edge computing

Cloud is one of the most important parts of our lives. We use cloud for everything, from backing up our personal data, to sharing files with our colleagues. Technology has progressed and may now combine cloud with cognitive computing. The result of this combination is cognitive cloud. Cognitive computing refers to machine systems that can mimic human understanding of the environment, bringing an immense level of contextualization and intelligence to business processes. Cognitive computing is closely related to artificial intelligence and also relates to technologies such as image recognition, pattern recognition, machine learning natural language processing, etc.

Cognitive computing helps businesses make more accurate decisions and work with increased speed. The problem is that cognitive is resource-intensive, requiring powerful servers, deep technical skillsets, and often leading to a high degree of technical debt. This is why, until now cognitive computing was an advantage and a real choice and prospect for bigger enterprises. Things have, however, changed by combining cognitive computing with cloud, and the birth of cognitive cloud; cognitive computing technology is now available for smaller and midsized enterprises as well. Smaller enterprises can take advantage of cognitive computing technology, because with the cloud they dispense with the need for physical infrastructure. Things are becoming even better, faster and safer, if you combine cognitive cloud with edge computing. The main idea of edge computing is that the data process is now taking place near or at the source of the data instead of relying on the cloud. That does not mean that the cloud disappears, it merely means that the cloud will come to you.

Development of these emerging technologies is making our lives easier and smarter. Notwithstanding these positive effects, legal issues and challenges such as privacy, data protection, security and more, inevitably arise. Our lawtech firm is the first choice for anyone is dealing with cognitive cloud & edge computing. We can offer expert and strategic guidance in every step, in order to launch, maintain, or transform a successful business using these technologies. We know better than anyone the needs of, and solutions for, a business making use of such advanced and emerging technologies. Our multidisciplinary team is always at the forefront of these emerging technologies.

Drawing from a variety of talents, our lawtech practice group, consists of experts that can serve the needs of using cognitive cloud & edge computing. Our general commercial, corporate and business expertise is also pertinent to the provision of services to businesses making use of these emerging technologies. Our expertise is wide-ranging and covers areas such as intellectual property law, commercial law, contract law, competition law, investment law, consumer law, corporate law, banking and finance, privacy, data protection and security. We are counseling our clients in a wide range of issues such as privacy and security, data protection, commercial contracting, software licensing, copyrights, trademark, branding, preparing and drafting legal agreements like terms & conditions, divestitures, joint ventures and venture capital investments, capital raising and merger & acquisitions, taxes, employment and benefits and the rights of creditors and debtors. Due to our extensive experience, we are able to offer you high level of legal care and support.