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Networks, 5G cellular communications, wireless power

We are used to 4G’s extremely fast cellular speeds, but the next generation of cellular communication networks, known as 5G, will take cellular speeds as high as we could never have imagined. 5G widely understood as the revolution in cellular communication, is actually the fifth-generation technology standard for cellular networks. In the current 4G networks, download speeds can go up to about 1 GBPS, but in 5G, due to the greater bandwidth, download speeds of up to 10 GBPS are possible. 5G networks, contrary to 4G, can be used as general internet providers not only for smartphones and tablets, but for desktop computers and laptops as well. Also, by taking advantage of its incredibly high speeds, 5G will be able to make possible new applications in the area of internet of things (IOT).

5G is considered by most of the people as the fourth industrial revolution. However, as we continue integrating 5G into our everyday life, many complex legal issues and challenges inevitably arise. Some of them relate to 5G licensing, data protection, cybercrime, cybersecurity, accessibility, etc. In Cyprus 5G licenses will be given by the electronic communications and postal regulations office. As a part of the European union, Cyprus is fully compatible with European Commission’s 5G regulations.

We can offer strategic guidance in order to launch and maintain a successful business, starting from acquiring a license to operate 5G to implementing synergies or business plans to integrate 5G capabilities.

Our team consists of talented experts in a variety of areas including corporate law, privacy and data protection, contract law, commercial law, investment law, consumer law and more, with expertise in electronic communications law and regulations. We are counseling our clients in a wide range of issues that might arise by the use and business operations on the basis of 5G.