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Smart cities

In mid-November of 2020, the Cypriot Government has laid out and proposed a lucrative initiative for smarter cities within Cyprus. The Deputy Ministry of research, innovation and digital policy has suggested ground-breaking developments in Cyprus such as “traffic management, parking availability, e-government services, security, especially on emergency management and environmental protection, by saving resource and reducing pollution.” This initiative is in response to revolutionary EU directives and policies to shift the EU into a more smart and sustainable union. Consequently, all local municipalities and cities in Cyprus will have to adapt and upgrade their infrastructure to meet this progressive initiative from the Cypriot Government.

Smart Cities are also appearing all over the world and are the centre of focus to leaders of multiple nations. The rationale is that the future begs for smarter and more sustainable cities. According to the UN, 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050. This massive increase in urbanization will create incredible demand for goods and resources which will require cities that are substantially smarter and sustainable. In fact, numerous countries, especially developed countries, have made great strides in rendering their cities smarter such as the USA, the UK, Norway, Finland, China and many others. To illustrate, by 2023 the annual global expenditure on smart cities will be approximately $189.5 billion and countries such as the USA, developed European nations and China will spend more than 70% of that spending.

This global movement towards smart cities will require businesses to pivot their strategies and business models to better align with these changed circumstances. Consequently, changing strategy requires an expert like Christiana Aristidou LLC. Our lawtech firm focuses on providing services in the lawtech industry aiming at sustainable growth and development. Our lawtech firm’s dedicated mission to serve the smart cities of tomorrow is complemented by our affiliate company, Smartcity Business Ltd. Smartcity is a business consulting and research company advising, educating, and driving the development of smart cities. Engaging business and industry experts in the areas of law, finance, business and technology, Smartcity constitutes a leading think tank and consultant pushing towards the evolution of smart cities As affiliate company, Christiana Aristidou LLC offers critical legal assistance towards the research, education, and consulting endeavors of Smartcity towards a profoundly novel, technology-reliant, green and sustainable, fair and just, and economically viable city-model, and collaborates with Smartcity to serve the increasing clients’ needs.

This proactive strategic decision from the founder Christiana Aristidou to focus and specialize the services for smart cities gives our lawtech firm a competitive advantage over competitors and provides a substantial advantage to our clients.

Our lawtech firm can fully comprehend the functions and operations concerning the technologies used in smart cities and how significant they are to the future of Cyprus and the world. Not to mention, every business, especially small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), needs significant legal advice in order to avoid various headaches such as needless costs, and ensure compliance. Our strategic advice to guide you through the challenges that your business faces is predicated on our meticulous analysis from our trusted lawyers and advisors. Throughout our well-established relationships with the financial communities, we have an invaluable network of investors and business leaders that provide world-class solutions to the particular needs of your business, and the challenges faced by an emerging company . Our multidisciplinary team consists of passionate experts in a variety of practices such as intellectual property law, contract law, corporate law, investment law, commercial law, consumer law, data protection, privacy and many more. We are counselling our clients in a wide range of issues like copyrights, trademark, branding, commercial contracting, preparing and drafting legal agreements such as terms & conditions, licences and more, privacy, data protection and GDPR compliance, capital raising, venture capital investments, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, corporate governance, taxes, employment and benefits, commercial contracting, the rights of debtors and creditors. In essence, when you pick this law firm, you pick guaranteed long-term results, which are consistent with a vision of sustainable solutions for the cities of tomorrow.