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Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones)

Unmanned aerial vehicles technology is one of the highest growing technologies of the last few decades. When we are talking about drones, we are talking about aircrafts without a human pilot aboard. This fast-growing technology is becoming more and more popular, and is being used in many sectors ranging from the military industry to entertainment and product delivery, creating a variety of challenges. In Cyprus, everyone who wants to fly a drone needs to first register it with the Cyprus department of Civil Aviation. Also, to fly a drone in Cyprus, one must comply with the drones regulations from DCA. Dealing with, and operating, drones is, therefore, a practice that requires legal assistance and expert legal guidance, that our law firm can offer.

Our team consists of passionate experts with unlimited admiration and interest for disruptive technologies. As businesses begin to take advantage of drone technology, our firm’s drone law practice is poised to offer strategic guidance in every single step. At our firm, we provide a comprehensive set of services that are required for a successful launching and maintaining of a drone business. Our law practice group is made up of attorneys from a variety of practices including privacy and data security, corporate, government relations, insurance, emerging companies and capital venture, intellectual properties, corporate law, contract law, investment law, consumer law, privacy, security and more. Due to our established relationships throughout the technology industry and financial services communities, we are well positioned to provide introduction investors and business leaders that can understand your needs, and the challenges faced by early stage and emerging companies.

Also, we are able to provide drone companies with advice on a range of issues such as licensing, compliance with DCA regulations, copyrights, trademark, branding, commercial contracting, privacy, data protection and compliance with GDPR, preparing and drafting legal agreements like terms & conditions, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments, capital raising, divestitures, joint ventures, taxes, employment and benefits, corporate governance etc.