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Why us

Our founder and lead team member, Christiana, has been in the legal and tech market for 23 years, carrying the knowledge and experience of her family law firm’s 50-year tradition.

We are a strong brand, we treat you and the community with the utmost respect

We have the best governance, we are social and environmental, and we use sustainability to boost innovation, while responsible business remains our defining issue

We consider our people, our people’s wellbeing and maintaining our culture, and a diverse and inclusive workforce, of the highest importance and we are always prepared to embrace and reward a more committed workforce

We maintain a strong network of highly competent researchers and advisors and are supported by a global network of more than 50,000 professionals

We deeply understand technology and as lawyers, we implement exceptional solutions accounting for both law and technology, and we use technology to deliver true value to our clients and partners

We know how to support you become more desirable for investment

We deliver upgraded, superior, personalized services faster than anyone else in the lawtech industry at extremely competitive prices

We work together with our clients at both our and their premises, even maintaining online co-working spaces, to enable our close and effective interaction, and offer them constantly, uninterrupted and easy access to our team through all available communication means

We support gender inclusion and focus on developing and empowering women to their full potential

We are open to partnerships, affiliations, and collaborations with like-minded external organizations and we are proud of our existing ones

We are committed to attracting and retaining top talent from the broadest pool possible, creating job positions, supporting income equality with transparent compensation structures, rewarding packages, and workplace flexibility

We listen to our youngest members and take their opinion on how to lead the change seriously

We are genuine supporters of inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs, driving the development and exponential growth of emerging and startup businesses in the market

We use technology, data, and automation to level the playing field against larger law firms or what is known as “Big Law”.