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Sectors and Industries

The firm’s declared goal is to be and remain industry-focused at all times.

We pioneer an innovative legal service model with leading industry experts to provide unique, innovative, and high-quality services and serve a wide array of vertical and horizontal industries, simplifying and applying complex laws and regulations, adapting to novel and developing frameworks, and completing seemingly impossible tasks.

We are strong market players and we attract existing and new market entrants of all sizes and all capacities because

  • We truly know the details of our clients’ industries and businesses
  • We keep up with our clients’ industries and businesses focusing on industry innovation and cost effectiveness
  • We employ an industry-focused education system for our members
  • We never stop looking into, identifying and understanding what drives our clients’ industries and markets
  • We are fully aware of our clients’ industry standards, law, regulations and other legal requirements and truly know how to apply them
  • We place a strong importance on advising clients in a commercial and pragmatic manner, we recruit the best people and if considered necessary we use industry advisors and researchers to perform to the highest level
  • We always ask our clients for their feedback on our performance as well as on our standards of client care.
  • We have a strong focus on developing innovative solutions which are designed to help our clients achieve their legal and business objectives in the most efficient way possible
  • Everything we do for our clients is driven by our business ethos, values and culture

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The firm’s actual and virtual multidisciplinary teams are uniquely equipped to advise and provide solutions on all aspects of business law such as regulatory and compliance, corporate, banking, finance, commercial, intellectual property, M&As and investments, capital markets, innovative financial securities, private equity, venture capital, employment, consumer, internet, media, telecommunications, cybersecurity and more.

Moreover, the firm’s competence and deep understanding of technology, science and innovation enable it to take the lead and be recognized as the firm of choice for advice, services and work within the industries of emerging and advanced technologies including and not limited to DLTs, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, AI, machine learning, NLP, IoT, smart robotics, digital platforms, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, wearables and augmented humans, big data and augmented analytics, 3D printing, mobile, mobile internet, intelligent spaces and smart places, autonomous vehicles, mixed reality VR/AR, wireless power, quantum computing, cloud and edge computing, cybersecurity, resilience and more.