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BioTech is the science-driven industry sector that utilizes biological systems, living organisms or parts of this to develop and produce healthcare-related products and therapeutics or to run processes.  BioTech’s role is of great importance in the medicine and pharmaceutical sector; however it is also used in other sectors such as genomics, food production and the production of biofuels.

BioTech law is a highly specialized sector that derives from science and technology legal concerns.  This industry covers many different areas (such as genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology) and it is closely related to pharmaceutical law.  With the use of biology, new technologies and products are constantly created to solve various problems and produce products.

With their deep knowledge in numerous legal areas surrounding BioTech, our team can provide legal services and resolve complex legal issues. Our legal services cover compliance with BioTech regulation, IP protection and licensing and commercialization.

Despite its specialized nature, BioTech overlaps with certain other fields including Patent Law, Licensing Law, IP Law, Litigation, Venture Capital Law and Business Law.  Our BioTech legal services cover all related-legal areas including medical biotechnology, agriculture biotechnology, nutrient supplementation, abiotic stress, industrial biotechnology, strength fibres, biofuels, and healthcare as well.