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We deeply love what we do, we work hard to achieve excellence and we enjoy doing it!

That is why, ours, is a workplace where people thrive, and businesses grow exponentially!

We are an innovative hybrid lawtech firm, formed in actual and virtual teams of experts supported by a diverse network of advisors and researchers.

Christiana Aristidou LLC recognizes that success must always be founded on strong ethical values and that everything begins and ends with culture. Our business values and principles form part of those principles and values we stand for personally, with honesty being the bedrock of our foundation defining who we are, what we do and how we do it.

We are known for our integrity, commitment and respect for our clients, hard work, and the consistently high quality and efficiency of our services. We implement flexibility in our work and the provision of our services and rely on team work to produce the best possible solutions for our clients. Our passion and innovation are genuine driving forces behind our practice and reflect our devotion to constantly improving our clients’ experience. Above all, we abide by the foundational principles of social justice, equality, open and fair-mindedness.

United by this strong set of values, principles, and beliefs, and driven by a deep commitment to responsible business, equality, diversity and inclusiveness, the firm constantly cultivates and relies on culture, with the firm’s members, collectively and individually, focusing on making the difference, a positive impact on the lives of many individuals as well as the society and the world.

To achieve that, the firm’s members truly and authentically engage in specific corporate and individual actions and causes with a strong and indestructible will. The firm offers reduced costs and even free services to those most in need, raising money for charities, recycling and providing team members with additional resources for personal and professional capacity building and improvement.

Apply to join our team at and kindly indicate in which role or capacity you would like to join us or if you would wish to register with us as a freelance lawyer!

As soon as we have received your application email indicating in which capacity or role you would wish to join us, we will provide you with a questionnaire and further guidance for the next steps.

You may apply to join us in your selected role or capacity:

  • Join us as a senior lawyer with technology law expertise
  • Join us as a junior lawyer
  • Join us as a trainee lawyer
  • Join us as a legaltech lawyer
  • Join us as an advisor or expert (e.g. industry expert)
  • Join us as a technologist/programmer with expertise on emerging/advanced technologies
  • Join us as a Researcher. You can join as a researcher if you are a high-school tech savvy student, an undergraduate law student, a postgraduate law student, or a PhD Candidate
  • Register with us as a freelance lawyer with expertise on business, technology, and IP law
  • Join our professional network