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In the digital era we live, technology is moving at a breakneck speed.  Every year, and with increasing intensity, the technology sector is delivering exciting innovations, affecting the way in which every industry is evolving and transforming the whole society and the way we do business.  For almost every and each business, technology plays a vital role, and brings many benefits for business success and growth, ranging from an increase to business operations efficiency to the customer experience improvement.

Digitalization, innovation, and technology development affect many services in an unprecedented manner.  Technology-based business models necessitate strong legal support.

Our LawTech firm has unparalleled experience to understand the unique challenges and opportunities of technology companies and is considered a leader in the market.  Our diverse background in and deep understanding of technology and the law have proven that there is no industry related to technological advancements that is too complex for us to effectively deliver our legal services.  For this reason, we encourage our clients to embrace and keep-up to date with new and emerging technologies, and we help them find innovative solutions.

Our lawtech firm assists businesses of all sizes, navigate in, and comply with the relevant regulatory frameworks with certainty and confidence.  We guide technology companies with all their legal needs, from their formation to their operation, licensing needs, compliance with regulations, legal opinions on their business model, engagement with third parties and consumers, corporate transactions, IP protection, patent law, employment and contracting issues.

There is nothing we like more than helping our clients make a difference – and by combining our strong legal skills, we bring a comprehensive, coordinated approach that interconnects business, technologies, and the law.