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AgriTech is one of the most revolutionary and impactful industries that aims to achieve “sustainable intensification,” with the use of technology.  More particularly, it is the use of technology that increases yields, efficiency, and profitability, while it decreases the environmentally damaging resources.

A wide variety of technologies and innovations can be used in the Agriculture industry, either by the farmers on the farm, or by the distributors after harvest or by the food companies during processing.  It can be the use of comprehensive data collection, robotics, artificial intelligence, big data or any other methods needed.

AgriTech is a fast-growing industry that keeps improving traditional forms of agriculture and farming and it constantly transforms the food production with the use of innovative technology.

In the following years, AgriTech is expected to expand and completely change the whole industry.

Our team can provide legal services to clients who are willing to change, innovate and invest in AgriTech.  We offer services in a myriad of AgriTech issues.

We are here to develop with our clients AgriTech startups that work on products, services or applications that improve the various agriculture processes or any other innovative solutions related to AgriTech.  Our wide range of business legal services assist companies grow, solve the challenges that they might face and help them throughout their business life cycle.

Other technologies and applications in AgriTech that we can assist you with include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Blockchain and DLTs
  • drones
  • satellite photography and sensors
  • 5G
  • Data analytics
  • IoT-based sensor networks
  • phase tracking
  • weather forecasts
  • automated irrigation
  • light and heat control
  • intelligent software analysis for pest and disease prediction, soil management and other involved analytical tasks
  • mobile apps