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Sectors and Industries

Telecommunication, Wireless and Digital Infrastructure

Telecoms play a key role across the world.  The fast-developing sector of new technologies, products and services have connected not only millions of people but also businesses, changing the way people interact and enhancing relationships that might not otherwise have survived across long distances.  The highly specialized telecom and wireless sectors are also expanding rapidly, and they are experiencing a consolidation and convergence of many technologies, generating a huge amount of interest.

There is nothing we like more than helping our clients make a difference – and by combining our strong legal skills with our interdisciplinary approach, we do everything we can to secure our clients’ future.

Our expert telecom legal and technology experts have a deep understanding of telecoms, technology, data and commercial arrangements and can provide seamless, holistic advice and pragmatic solutions.

Our team works with a wide range of clients, both from the public and private sector helping them find workable and pragmatic solutions in this complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Our dedicated team advises emerging and established telecommunications and wireless companies and can deliver advice on anything from next generation networks, 5G and satellite launch services, to blockchain integration, smart contracts, smart cities, IoT, data analytics and commercialisation, to new and innovative digital products and platforms. Our team can handle the full range of matters in the sector, including your legal, business, corporate and commercial, regulatory, Intellectual property (IP) issues, technology and digital transformation.

We provide services related to company’s transactions, licenses, mergers and acquisitions or any other issue in the telecom industry.  We also work with clients to protect, patent, and own their telecommunications and wireless products, technologies, and services.  Our team’s extensive knowledge and experience extends to cellular and mobile telephone, microwave systems, satellite services and wireless data networks as well.